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A | OA Process- Getting to A

2022 | By Lindsay Gallagher | No Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

Once your professor’s works have been added to their BePress page as links and they are graded B, you’ll want to work through the OA process to bring them up to an A. This step will ultimately allow you to determine if a work is OA, include the downloadable copy on the profile, label the • Read More »

Grades and What They Mean

2022 | By Helena Marvin | No Comments | Filed in: Checklists, Workflow.

This is a quick guide to the letter grades assigned to each faculty member on the main Excel sheet. Each letter grade builds progressively on top of the previous letter. F: The faculty member does not exist on the Discovery site – they are probably teaching faculty, or perhaps emeritus. F+: If they have a • Read More »

Profile Review

2020 | By Helena Marvin | No Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

Put your name as the reviewer in the review column of the UMSL Faculty Profile List – ‘ Big Sheet’. Do this for A+ Faculty for they are done, and ready to be reviewed. Check, are all the works in the harvested sheet (faculty sheet not OA sheet) on the selected work’s profile? Not worrying • Read More »

F-D | Claim Your Professor

2020 | By Michelle Lahiri | 5 Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

Microsoft Teams Files is where the OA Project files are kept. This is where the Faculty Profile spreadsheets are located and all of the individual professor files and folders are. In the UMSL-2022 folder in Teams, you will find departmental folders. The Practicum is reviewing UMSL faculty department by department. Step 1: Choose a department, • Read More »

C | Using the Acalytics Chrome Extension

2020 | By Robert Ybanez | 2 Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

To do this you must have the extension installed. Find out how to do that here. To begin using the extension, go to find a professor’s page on the Discovery tool. Go to the UM Discovery website — And look for your professor. The extension icon will turn from grey to colorful when you • Read More »

B | Checking Selected Works

2020 | By Robert Ybanez | 2 Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

After completing the Discovery part of the Professor’s Works spreadsheet and using the chrome extension, the next step will be checking if the works that were on the discovery tool are on the Profile. Open the Professors folder and open the spreadsheet xlsx file. Create some new columns on the Discovery Sheet: Column A – • Read More »

A | Publisher PDF

2020 | By Christina Proctor | No Comments | Filed in: Workflow.

Faculty spreadsheets generated by the chrome extension generate two sheets, one an export of all the published works from a Professor on the system, and another sheet, the “OA Checked Works of …” sheet. To help us look for Publisher pdfs we are going to use the ‘Conditional Formatting’ tool in Excel to highlight • Read More »