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Open Access Models

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Gold OA The journal makes all articles available free of charge. Most gold OA journals charge an article processing charge (APC), shifting the payment from the reader to the author. Green OA The author has the right to archive pre- and post-prints in an online repository. The author publishes their work in a closed-access journal • Read More »


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Tools & Platforms Collaboration Tools Zoom, a tool for meeting with Lena Microsoft Teams, a collaboration environment which can be used for hosting meetings, but is mainly for chat / collaborative conversation & where all the excel files live Website Infrastructure Bepress – the websites which Professor profiles are on, the ones called Selected Works • Read More »

Downloading & Installing the Acalytics Chrome Extension

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To simplify the publication download and crosswalk process, we’ve worked with a programmer to create a Chrome extension. You will need to be using Google Chrome as your browser to use this tool. Follow the instructions below for downloading and using the tool and watch this YouTube tutorial. Go to the following site: Click • Read More »

Getting Started

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Staying connected is a vital part of this practicum. We use this WordPress blog, Teams, and Zoom to communicate. You will also need to create a Bepress profile site for yourself (instructions for that are here). Lena should have helped set you an account on this blog, and invited you to Teams during your orientation. • Read More »

Bepress Instructions

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Create a BePress Page  Go to and then  Sign up  That will lead you to the following site  Please see the below screen shot:  Fill out e-mail, first name, last name  Create and confirm password, using the given stipulations.   Click “I’m not a robot”  You should receive a conformation e-mail that looks like the following  Once you have uploaded • Read More »

Introduction to WordPress Blogging

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This blog is where we share documentation and showcase the work being done on this practicum in our individual activity logs. WordPress is a very popular free and open-source content management system. There are many introductions to WordPress you can find online. Click the content below to read WordPress’s support documentation. Welcome to WordPress blogging. • Read More »

Adding Your WordPress Blog Link to Your BePress Profile

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This is how I added my WordPress (WP) blog link to my Bepress (BP) profile. Go to your BP profile page in editing mode. Click the “Add Work” button, then select “Add a Link.” Enter the link that Lena has provided you (follows the format *The next instructions may appear immediately, or may take • Read More »