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Heather Moll – Activity Log

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Date  Activity  Time (min) 12/22/2021  Met with Lena to discuss my interest in the practicum.  50  1/7/2022  Met with Lena to determine start date, hours, and practicum learning plan.   30  1/10/2022  Orientation with Lena. Set up accounts, discussed workflow, read orientation materials.  240  1/11/2022 Downloaded files from the Discovery site to faculty department folder. Noted faculty members’ Selectedworks pages. Updated my profile. • Read More »

Kymmi Donaghue – Activity Log

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8/24: Meet with Lena- 40 min 8/25: Start Orientation materials- 20 min 8/27: Continue orientation materials- 45 min 8/27: Activity log- 10 min 8/27: Started uploading selected works- 20 min 8/27: Watched videos in Teams and took notes- 20 min 8/27: Add additional selected works- 45 min 8/27: Microsoft Teams introduction- 30 min 8/28: Meeting • Read More »

Proctor Activity Log

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8/4/2020 Meeting with Lena to discuss what the practicum would entail and what forms need to be filled out to join. Time: 0.5 hours 8/24/2020 Read through orientation documentation. Downloaded Chrome and added the extension. Downloaded Microsoft Teams. Signed up on Selected Works and added a profile picture and a brief biography. Time: 1.5 hours • Read More »

Johanna Shultis – Activity Log

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July 27 — Met with Lena to discuss practicum learning plan and discuss practicum tasks, workflow, and obligations (30 minutes) August 24 — Met with Lena to get set up with all of the necessary platforms and go over my first tasks (20 minutes) August 24 — Reviewed orientation materials, created this activity log, created • Read More »

Robert Ybanez [Activity Log]

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8/24/2020 – Today’s objectives consisted of the following: Meeting with Lena (30 minutes). Reviewing orientation material (1 hour). Signed into Bepress and created my profile and bio and developed my activity logs via WordPress and creating the respective links (1 hour + 30 minutes). Downloading the Acalytics Exporter extension and Microsoft Teams app (1 hour). • Read More »

Caitlin O’Mara – Activity Log

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Date Activity Time (hrs) 5/1 Viewed Wiki tutorial 0.5 6/22 Met with Lena via Zoom for onboarding .75 Reviewed orientation materials, created BePress account, created Activity Log, installed Microsoft Teams 1 6/27 Reviewed Workflow materials .5 6/29 Meeting with Lena for UMSL/spreadsheet training, added Ann Steffen 1 Checked Patrick Stark, Debra Sprague, Christopher Spilling, Chris • Read More »

Kaitlin Chapman – Activity Log

2020 | By Kaitlin Chapman | 2 Comments | Filed in: Activity Logs.

May 27th – Met with Lena and discussed bepress, orientation, teams, activity logs, workflow documentations (45 minutes) [.75] May 30th – Reviewed oreientation documents, flowcharts, workflow, activity flows, logged in to wordpress (2 hours)[2.75] June 9th – Downloaded teams and introduced myself, created this activity log, created bepress profile, oriented myself with wordpress, bepress and • Read More »

Ryan Muiller Activity Log

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6/9/202:30-2:55pm:: Met with Lena and went over onboarding.2:55-5:05pm:: Went through orientation, set up profiles and linked profiles. Assigned professor Fraundor. Figured out what column listed said professors. Found his profile. 6/10/2011:00-1:00pm:: Downloaded professor’s profile; checked selected works. Chose next professor: Franzel. Graded professor. Chose next professor: Fu; downloaded professor’s profile; checked selected works. Chose next • Read More »

Megan Llewellyn — Activity Log

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DATE ACTIVITY TIME (m) 4/18 Watched practicum introductory tutorial 30 4/22 Pre-practicum meeting with LM about project 45 6/2 Practicum meeting with LM to get set upRead through orientation blog, and set up accounts on BePress, Teams, UMSL, etc. 120 6/4 Teams training session with Lena 50 6/4 Zoom BePress training video with Lena and • Read More »

Debbie Tusher – Activity Log

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4/18/2020: I watched the Practicum Introduction Video (30 minutes) 4/20/2020: I explored the wiki page for the practicum and created my own page. I also created a Bepress page and linked the two together (1.5 hrs). 4/21/2020: I attempted to become more familiar with Open Button by trying to use the “Try it” function. I • Read More »