Research done by Dr. Kara Moskowitz

In 1965, Kip Keino burst onto the global stage, breaking the 3000-meter world record by over six seconds. From then on, sports fans eagerly watched Kenya’s runners. But the newly independent nation soon drew the sporting world’s attention beyond the track. “Running from Apartheid” is a digital project designed to exhibit, curate, and narrate historical evidence on Kenyan sports and the anti-apartheid movement in the mid twentieth century. On the homepage, visitors will find a summary of the history of Kenyan running. The site comprises five additional components: 1) a timeline of Kenyan athletics and anti-apartheid boycotts ahead of the 1968 Olympics; 2) a map illustrating announced or threatened boycotts across the world; 3) information about important historical actors in Kenya, South Africa, in the global anti-apartheid movement, and in the International Olympic Committee; 4) global media coverage of the boycotts; and 5) oral histories with a Kenyan Olympian who ran in the 1968 Olympics.

Running From Apartheid Map